Parent Testimonials

Jaime H.-

"Our daughter has been enrolled for about a month now and she has learned so much already! She is doing a great job washing her hands, beginning letter recognition, asked me if we can visit Connecticut (Lol), recites the Pledge of Allegiance, knows the days of the order, and so much more! She's only 3! I'm so proud of her and love her excitement about learning! I highly recommend Bel-Esprit!!!!"

Markus P.-

"What an amazing school with a great staff and terrific kids! My twins are learning more and are prepared better than I could of ever imagined. They are poised for a successful start to their academic careers! Staff are professional, approachable, and engaging with the kids and the owner really understand what a successful student is and how they can reach their goals and celebrate their achievements! I recommend them hands down as the best Day Care/Kinder prep program in the West Valley!"

Jessica F.-

"We are so happy with Bel-Esprit! From the academics to the social growth we have seen in both of our boys! We know that they are loved and taken care of by every adult they interact with on a daily basis! They complete thematic units with amazing projects but are academic driven and focused on preparing kiddos for continued academic success! Communication is top notch and overall a well planned and run program! We <3 our Bel-Esprit Family!"

Becca B.-

"My son started when he was exactly one. The love they show him everyday is like nothing I have seen at a daycare. He has already learned so much there. We love every single thing about Bel Esprit!"

Andrea L.-

"This is a wonderful preschool! Staff is super friendly and everyone there creates a fun and safe learning environment."

Charley L.-

"We live in east mesa and drive our son 50+ miles each way, ever day. This school is worth every minute we spend in the car driving! I can't say enough good things about it!! A+++"