Summer Camp


Priority Enrollment will be April 15th-April 26th

Summer Camp

May 30th-July 26th

 (closed July 4th, 5th)

***We also offer 1-2 day/week educator rates during Summer Camp***


Kindergarten camp is for students starting Kindergarten in Fall 2019. It is a two week camp that focuses on Kindergarten readiness skills, problem solving and motor skills. 

July 15-July 26     8:00am-3:00pm


Bel-Esprit runs like a school, August through May, but we also offer a summer program geared toward ages 1-10. Our summer camp is filled with lots of summer-fun while still enforcing academic activities to prepare students for the school year to come. Like our school year, students participate in our "curriculum carousel" and are able to utilize the entire preschool. Rather than a one room-one teacher school, students rotate through each subject area. ​

Summer Themes

Math/Science: Students are introduced to the scientific method along with being given the opportunity to get in touch with their inner scientist through exciting and unique science experiments, including making ice cream! In addition to their daily rotation of math and science, we will have a Mad Scientist unit focusing on one week of just science. Math activities will be apart of their daily rotations as well, with curriculum focusing on the child's age and grade. 

Fitness Fun: Students will be introduced to fitness and nutrition, including yoga, field days, and olympic games! Bel-Esprit cares about the whole child. Fitness not only supports them physically, but aids in a healthy social, emotional, and overall well-being. ​

Language Arts: Along with math & science, students will have a language arts rotation where fun activities will focus mainly on reading & writing according to their age group. Students will participate in hands on lessons using manipulatives like play-doh and race cars to enforce letter recognition and sounds. Older students will be encouraged to practice their handwriting skills and to journal about their summer adventures. School aged kiddos will also participate in literature studies and project based activities. ​

Social Studies/History: Students will participate in a "Blast From the Past" theme where they get to "go back in time" to discover what the world was like long ago, along with continuing to visit and learn about different states/countries along the way. ​

Spanish: Starting a second language at a young age helps increase the chances of your child becoming bi-lingual. Bel-Esprit gives students that chance year-round, including during our summer program!  ​

Art/Music: Students will get a chance to participate in arts and crafts that tie into the monthly or weekly themes. Art is an important time for students to create without limits and express their creativity. Music Gym incorporates music and movement to help stimulate learning. Music also helps with retention and memory. ​

Problem Solving & Life Skills: During summer camp, students will be given the opportunity to reinforce life skills. Students will practice basic cooking, which includes kitchen safety and also working on measurements. They will also participate in a Camping unit, where they will utilize teamwork and problem solving.